Current On-Campus Job Openings

ON-CAMPUS JOB OPENINGS: Anyone desiring employment with Clear Creek Baptist Bible College must first contact the Financial Aid Office to complete an employment application. Campus employment application can also be downloaded from the Clear Creek website [Future Students/Financial Aid/Forms]. Once the application is completed and returned they can now apply for any open position. WHEN DIRECTORS NOTIFY THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE OF A JOB OPENING IN THEIR DEPARTMENT, THE POSITION WILL BE PROPERLY POSTED, THEN THE APPLICANT CAN APPLY FOR ANY OPEN POSITION. Job openings are sent to student e-mails and they are posted on the bulletin board outside the Financial Aid Office as well as the Foxes’ Den. APPLICANTS INTERESTED IN A JOB OPENING SHOULD CONTACT THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE STATING THEY WOULD LIKE TO APPLY FOR A PARTICULAR JOB OPENING AND TO HAVE THEIR APPLICATION FORWARDED FOR THAT PARTICULAR POSITION. Therefore, an updated application or a new application needs to be on file. If you have any questions, please contact us in the Financial Aid Office.
Office/Position: Development Office/DONOR CLERK
• Hours: up to 29 hours a week (YEAR-ROUND POSITION).
o Student Spouse Position
Principal Function
The Development Office Donor Clerk shall be responsible to the Development Office Manager for the efficient operation of the Development Office through management and coordination of resource development, coordinating efforts for creative designs of printed material related to administrative needs of the Development Office, and assisting with secretarial duties. She/he will also be responsible to assist with bookkeeping related to the resources received for the college operation.
The Development Office Donor Clerk should:
1. Serve as receptionist for the Dean of Institutional Advancement.
2. Help with general office procedures and secretarial duties.
3. Coordinate and assist with the preparation of appeal letters, campaign newsletters, brochures, and correspondence.
4. Coordinate and assist with all donor-related events such as donor recognition dinners, etc.
5. Assist with research and proposals to foundations and corporations.
6. Oversee bulk appeal mail outs.
7. Serve as the contact person with the postal service to insure compliance with all postal regulations.
8. Receive all incoming funds.
9. Maintain accurate records of contributors for the general budget, special projects, and the college’s capital campaign.
10. Maintain donor records and deferred gift expectancies, including wills, Charitable remainder trusts, insurance policies, and gift annuities.
11. Prepare donor thank-you letters.
12. Work as a receptionist for the front desk.
13. Greet visitors of the college in the reception area.
14. Complete other responsibilities as assigned by the Dean of Institutional Advancement.
15. Maintain file room, keeping all files up to date.
Qualifications for Position
The Development Office Donor Clerk should have:
1. Computer skills or willingness and ability to learn.
2. Concern for accuracy and neatness.
3. An accounting background would be helpful.
4. Good public relationship skills.
5. A strong church background.
6. The ability to meet strict deadlines.
7. A willingness and ability to maintain confidential records.
Office/Position: Physical Plant/LANDSCAPER
• HOURS: 20-29 hours per week
• MUST be available to work APRIL thru NOVEMBER (Seasonal)
• MUST be able to work OUTSIDE in the HEAT/COLD
• To maintain existing landscaping…weeding, mulching, watering, trimming, pruning, leaf removal, and any other assignments as delegated by the Director.
• Hours: 10-29 weekly (YEAR-ROUND POSITION).
• STUDENT OR STUDENT SPOUSE -- Should be energetic, and likes to work with people and help organize events, intramural sports, exercise classes, etc.
• EVENINGS, WEEKENDS AND SOME HOLIDAYS such as for Memorial Day, Labor Day Picnics, etc.
 (The FLCC is not open on Wednesday Evenings after 5:00pm or on Sundays.)
1. Maintaining organization and cleanliness of Facility and Grounds.
2. “Opening and Closing Procedures” of area designated to work.
3. Knowing and enforcing the rules of the FLCC and the College.
4. Assisting the Director in planning, promoting, implementing and the clean-up of all activities and Campus-Wide events.
5. Assisting Guests with set up, decorating, etc. for their event.
6. Complete and maintain Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid Certification, if necessary (Training and Certification will be provided by the College).
7. Completing other assignments as delegated by the Director.
8. Attend staff meetings.
QUALIFICATIONS: The FLCC worker should have…
1. A Christ-like positive attitude.
2. A strong church background.
3. Good customer service skills, and a servant attitude.
4. Strong work ethic.
5. The ability to plan, promote, and implement campus-wide events, intramural sports, weight training, and exercise classes etc.
6. The ability to swim, and in fairly good physical condition in order to complete Lifeguard Training., if needed.
7. The ability to organize and clean.
Other Skills or Certifications: If you are or have…
• an Artist, have had Art Classes,
• Worked in Ceramics/Crafts,
• Current Lifeguard Certification,
• Any experience or certification in Weight Lifting/Strengthening, or
• Exercise Class Training, is a plus.

Microsoft Word Tutorial || Monday, 3/5, 2:00 p.m.

Shane Kahkola will present a tutorial on Microsoft Word on behalf of the library and IT departments. The session will cover headers, section breaks, number sections, and more. It will be in the Lecture Room.

Microsoft Excel Tutorial || Monday, 2/26, 2:00 p.m.

Devid Ledo will present a tutorial on Microsoft Excel on behalf of the Library and IT departments. The session will cover making schedules, budgets, formatting cells, and more. It will be held in the Lecture Room.

Strength to Stand--opportunity for youth groups

Sunnyside Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tenn. is hosting the Strength to Stand Tour! This two day event with three sessions of music, teaching, prayer, and worship of our Lord and Savior is something to not miss.

Rush of Fools will be the worship band three different speakers, Chris Brooks, T.J. Gilliam and Scott Dawson!

Tickets are $39 through the website or $29 if you contact Todd Latham directly.

Local hotels are inexpensive or depending on the group size, we may be able to work out other accommodations!!

More information can be had by contacting Todd Latham at or go to

Youth Director - Buena Vista Baptist Church (Somerset, KY)


Name of Church: Buena Vista Baptist Church
Street Address: 324 Clifty Street.
City/State/Zip: Somerset, KY 42501

Youth Director

STATUS: Part-time

HOURS: 20 Hours per week with a set schedule.

CHURCH VISION: Buena Vista Baptist Church is place a to Believe, Become and Belong. We believe that Buena Vista Baptist Church exists to be a spirit-led body of Believers that exalts the SAVIOR, equips the saints and evangelizes the lost.

Overview Purpose of Youth Minister Position:
BVBC is seeking a bi-vocational youth minister that has a passion for youth to help build a comprehensive youth ministry that coincides with the BVBC vision to develop teenagers from ages 12 to 18yrs old to grow in Christ through bible study, worship, healthy relationships, evangelization, discipleship & service to God.

Personal Qualification
1. Be a person that reflects the character, integrity, and maturity of a godly leader reflected on the qualities of 2 Cor. 6:4-10; 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1
2. Embrace the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, which BVBC adheres in doctrine and policy.
3. Must be subject to mandatory background check
4. Must be become a member of Buena Vista Baptist Church.
5. Possess or in the process of seeking a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry or related seminary degree in vocational ministry is preferred, but not required.
6. Married preferred, but not required.
7. Have a teachable spirit and desire to perfect their craft in youth ministry through higher education, workshops and conferences.
8. Be a team player.
1. Lead and coordinate a comprehensive youth ministry strategy with various youth activities for teenagers such as Wednesday evening service, evangelism program, recreational activities, mission trips, camps, spiritual retreats, and special events.
2. Create an effective discipleship program that equips the teens to grow in Christ, serve God and live for His glory.
3. Teach relevant and hermeneutical bible studies and Sunday School to encourage a deeper walk with the Lord and zeal to apply His Word.
4. Conduce an atmosphere of a godly/healthy relationships within the youth group, the parents and the church body.
5. Maintain an open communication with the church council, parents, youth and members of the congregation
6. Required attendance to scheduled church council meetings.
7. Reports to the senior pastor for the coordination of ministry programs and supervision.
8. Oversees and manages the youth ministry budget with stewardship and minor administrative skills.
9. Network and partner with other youth ministries in working together to pray, fellowship, and have youth/evangelistic events.
10. Recruit, train up and schedule student leaders and adult volunteers to assist in the youth ministry.
11. Be able to drive the van responsibly to help transport the teens to and from church or other youth activities.
12. Be able to work and connect with the BVBC’s Children and Young Adults Ministries to help in the transitional spiritual development of each age group.
13. A 6-month probational evaluation will be assessed after initial hiring followed by a year to year evaluation.