Mrs. Kimberly Yates

Assistant Professor of General Education
Serving Since: 2012
Chairs Held: None
Teaches / Works as: Composition
Fine Arts
Degrees: B.A. in English from Tusculum College
M.A. in English from Mooredhead State University
M.Ed. from Liberty University
Worked at other colleges: No. High School teacher.
Home Church: First Baptist Pineville
Time in the Ministry: 10 years
Positions in the Ministry: Directors of missions; VBS teacher; Upward Soccer.
Favorite Musician or Band: Casting Crowns
Favorite Verse: Jeremiah 1:5
Favorite Vacation Spot: Charleston, SC
Favorite Preacher: Billy Graham
Favorite Author or Book: Charles Dickens and Shakespeare
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite meal or restaurant: Seafood platter from Hyman’s Rest in Charleston; Gondolier
First car ⁄ Dream Car: Pontiac Sunfire; Plymouth Prowler
Biblical figure identified with: Peter

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