Dr. Jay Barnett

Professor of Church Ministries
Serving Since: 1991
Chairs Held: None
Teaches / Works as: Learning Management System (Online)
Teaches Courses on Campus (NT7 and Ethics)
Ethics online
Transition to Ministry
Systematic Theology 3
Degrees: B.S. in Biblical Studies from Clear Creek Baptist Bible College
M.A. in Christian Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ed.D. from Union University
Additional studies: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – 1986-1995 and Lincoln Memorial University – 1992
Worked at other colleges: Cambellsville University 2000
Home Church: Pastor at First Baptist Dewitt
Time in the Ministry: 34 years
Positions in the Ministry: Associate pastor, Pastor, Minister of Outreach and Evangelism, Janitor, Interim of 26 Churches in 22 years,
Favorite Musician or Band: Isaac Watts
Favorite Verse: Isaiah 53:4-5
Favorite Vacation Spot: Beaches of North Florida
Favorite Preacher: Chuck Swindoll
Favorite Author or Book: New American Commentary
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite meal or restaurant: Gondolier
First car ⁄ Dream Car: 1962 Buick Special; 1974 Triumph TR6
Biblical figure identified with: Joshua

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