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Welcome to our virtual tour. If you're planning to visit soon, or you are just curious about our school, we hope this helps you. The map to your left details the structures, roads, and event features of our campus.

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The Bill D. Whittaker Classroom Building was dedicated in August 1998 and named in 2010 after Clear Creek's fourth president, Dr. Bill D. Whittaker. The Whittaker building is 8,500 square feet and houses a campus bookstore, lecture room, science room, and four classrooms. Each classroom can accommodate 35 students, while the lecture room comfortably seats up to 88. Located over 30 feet above the floor in the foyer, the eight faceted-glass Scripture windows in the cupola underscore the Bible emphasis of Clear Creek.
The D.M. Aldridge building, named for Clear Creek's second president, Dr. D. M. Aldridge, is the administrative hub of the school. Formerly a furniture factory run by Clear Creek students prior to the 1970's, the administration building is office to most of the full-time staff and faculty members at Clear Creek.
The Carolyn Boatman-Brooks Memorial Library was once the classroom building. Now, the library, directed by Marge Cummings, M.S.L.S., houses more than 46,000 volumes in print, and more than 22,000 electronic and media resources.
The Fox's Den is a central place of gathering for Clear Creekers. The mail center, vending machines, and leisure furniture are available here.
The Asher Building, originally built in 1974 as a preschool facility, was remodeled in 1994 to contain a classroom, music practice rooms, and faculty offices. A unique feature of this building is the utilization of doors (donated by a Kentucky company) as wall coverings inside most of the building. This is the primary location for our music classes.
The Health Services Clinic provides medical assistance to the campus family throughout the year to meet the medical needs of those who enter the doors of the clinic. Service to the campus stems from the desire to serve others. (Ephesians 6:7)
The Pomeroy Family Life & Conference Center was completed and dedicated in 1986. The Pomeroy FLC provides a great place for families to enjoy time together. The gym hosts basketball, volleyball, roller skating, and other activities. There is a swimming pool, workout room, and game center.
The Physical Plant, or Maintenance Building, is the center of campus upkeep. Director, Ronnie Washam, oversees building and grounds at Clear Creek.
The Irene Peterson Child Development Center is an instructional facility that daily meets children¹s individual needs. The Child Development Center offers childcare for children of students, faculty, staff, and the community of Pineville and Middlesboro.
The former Harmony School building once belonged to Clear Creek, and was given to the Pineville City Schools to be used for much needed space. The school has since been returned to Clear Creek and plans for renovation are being considered.
The Clear Creek Thrift Store (affectionately called the Clear Creek Mall) is a low-cost clothing store. All articles of clothing are 25¢ each for adults and 10¢ each for children.
The Prayer Chapel was a gift from one of the graduating classes at Clear Creek. It is heated and cooled for comfort. It is frequently used by students, faculty, staff, and some off-campus guests.
Kelly Hall is a large three-story stone and concrete building, and contains the A.H. Keith Memorial Apartments, dormitory rooms for single students and overnight commuters, and the campus dining hall. Kelly Hall is listed on the Kentucky Registry of Historic Buildings..
Holly Hill is our largest housing area with fifteen two and three bedroom cottages for families.
Bear Trail is tucked-away in the woods of Clear Creek. The setting provides a good deal of privacy from the highway, and other areas of campus. Bear Trail is home for eight families.
Harmony Heights is our newest housing area. The side-by-side duplexes have a modern look and provide a great sense of community for its residents.
Hemlock Heights, affectionately known as Honeymoon Heights, houses up to six married couples with no children. The remote setting for Hemlock provides couples with privacy and still fosters community among other couples with similar lifestyles.
Melzoni Alumni Hall is a newly renovated building. The hall contains six three bedroom apartments made for either a family, or single women.
Moore Hall is an apartment building with two and four bedroom apartments. Moore Hall can house up to eight families.
The Courts Apartments used to be the women's apartment building. Since the renovation of Alumni Hall, Courts now serves as storage for much of the school's equipment.
Faculty Home: This is a four bedroom, two-story home located near Bear Trail on Hwy 1491.
Staff Home: This is a four bedroom home located near Bear Trail on Hwy 1491.
Faculty Home: This is a four bedroom home located near Bear Trail on Hwy 1491.
Mahon Apartments, named for Clear Creek's co-founder, R.P. Mahon, has four two bedroom apartments. This apartment building is currently used as housing for faculty and staff.
The Lakeview Duplex, located next to Harmony Heights, is housing for faculty and Staff.
The J.D. Brown Cottage is a four bedroom cottage for staff housing. It is located next to Kelly Hall.
The President's Home was built in response to current president's, Dr. Donald Fox, desire to live among the students of Clear Creek. This spacious home was built with successors in mind as Dr. Fox hopes future presidents will have families and be acquainted with the mainstream enrollment of Clear Creek.
The Athletic Field and Tennis Courts are often in use. Intramural flag football, friendly games of tennis, picnics, and softball games are common at various times throughout the year.
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