Security Personnel
Along with your education, we are also concerned about your safety on our campus. Clear Creek employs deputized security personnel to help you rest a little easier. Our security personnel actively patrol the campus property in the night hours as a preventive measure. Our security personnel will also walk with you if you are alone and have to walk through dark areas of campus when getting from place-to-place.

Emergency Response and Notification
As difficult as it is to consider, we realize that even small schools like ours are not immune to some of the disasters that have struck others. In order to keep you safe, and in compliance with governement regulations, we have instituted an emergency response and notification system. In the event of an emergency, our OneCallNow system will contact you by phone, text, and / or email in order to notify you of any emergency situations that may arise on campus.

Inclement Weather Conditions
We know that many of our commuters travel long distances to attend classes at Clear Creek. That's why we use our OneCallNow system to notify you of school cancellations or delays due to weather. Clear Creek is nestled in the mountains, which can make slippery winter travel treacherous. Of course, if we do not cancel school it only means that conditions near us are safe enough for travel. Your area may not be safe so you should exercise caution before attempting to travel to school.

Emergency Contact Information
For on-campus emergencies:
  Emergency Fire: (606) 337-7000
  Pineville Community Hospital (606) 337-3051 or 911
  Pineville Police Dept. (606) 337-2345
  Pineville Sheriff (606) 337-3102
  State Police (800) 222-5555