Our Mission & Core Values  

Clear Creek Baptist Bible College exists to provide educational preparation for adults called of God into Christian service.

Institutional Objectives

Nurture God-called students as they prepare for the Lord's work.

Provide a quality Bible-based education with an emphasis on practical Christian service.

Initiate and maintain cooperative relationships with individual Christians, churches, associations and conventions.

Secure and manage human, physical, and financial resources guided by biblical principles.

Educational Goals

The men and women who have been called of God into full-time service through His church and are graduates of Clear Creek should demonstrate:

An increase in knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Christian theology.
An improvement in speaking and writing skills in the context of ministry.
An increase in church leadership and communication skills.
A sensitivity to the needs of people and the ability to minister from a biblical perspective.

Core Values

Centrality of Christ
We are a community of Christians brought together by faith in Christ as Savior and Lord and by surrender to His call to service. We are committed to seek His will; to communicate with Him through prayer; to deepen His lifestyle through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; and patiently work for His unity among us.

Trustworthiness of Scripture
We are a community of learners who affirm the total trustworthiness of God’s revealed word as the guide for our lives and the foundation of our equipping ministry.

Evangelism and Missions
We are a community of individuals redeemed from sin by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We affirm He died for the whole world and commissions each believer to take the Gospel into the world. We commit ourselves to the priority of personal evangelism and world missions.

Servant of the Churches
We are a community that exists to train individuals sent to us by the churches. We commit ourselves to serve the needs of the church.