Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is governed by a board of trustees and the college president, Dr. Donald S. Fox.

Dr. Donald S. Fox is the fifth President of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. Dr. Fox is married to Penny, who also serves the college as the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Administrative Affairs. They are the parents of Aaron (wife Rachel) and Andrea (husband Sam).

On April 17, 2007, the trustees of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College voted unanimously to call Dr. Fox as the school’s fifth president. Dr. Fox is the first Clear Creek alumnus to serve the college as President.

Dr. Fox has served the college since 1999 in other positions as Director of College Relations, Director of Admissions, and Dean of Institutional Advancement. Dr. Fox holds a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree from Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, a Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Philosophy also from Southern Seminary.

Board of Trustees
Rev. Bennie Bush
Term ends 2013*
Rev. Keith Sands (Sandy)
Term ends 2016

Mrs. Julia Blocker (Steve)
Family Nurse Practitioner
Term ends 2014*

Term Ending 2013
  Rev. M. D. Cabe  (Carol)
Mr. Lyndell Graven
Antique Dealer, Retired Business Manager
  Rev. Ronnie Pennington (Cynthia)
Mr. Dane Poe*
County Administrator
  Rev. Jeff Shouse (Stephanie)*


Term Ending 2014
  Mrs. Esther J. Bailey (Louis)
Retired Special Ed Teacher
Dr. Durwood Beatty (Wilma)
Retired Professor Murray State University
  Rev. Ken Felty (Paula)*
Mr. John Moore
Treasurer/Enterprise Risk Officer
  Dr. Floyd Paris*
Mr. Bo Ryser (Pam)*
Business Owner
  Rev. Bobby Sellers (Julie)*

Term Ending 2015
  Rev. Harlan Avera (Marilyn)*
Rev. Kenneth Dick (Mae)
Retired Pastor
  Mr. Craig Garland
Vice Pres/ Owner of Cumberland Mine Service
Rev. Rob Ison (Jenny)
  Rev. Johnny Jervis (Phoebe)*
Director of Missions
Mr. Tim Langford (Karen)*
Circuit Judge
  Rev. Stan Lewis (Amy)*
IT Management, Youth Minister
Rev. Ellis Payne (Anita)*
Retired Pastor
Term Ending 2016
  Mr. Paul Atchison (Kay)*
Retired Business Professional
Rev. Bill Boldt
Director of Missions
  Dr. Roy Graves
Rev. Rick Hatley (Carol)*
  Dr. Kathy Lefevers*
Rev. Jerry Tooley (Alice)
Director of Missions

*Indicates eligible for reelection