Give to Clear Creek  

Donnie Fox

When I was a student in the early nineties (Class of 1992!), I remember our class being admonished toward good stewardship of the training received at Clear Creek. “Your tuition does not pay for your education. Many people have invested in you.” I must admit, I did not get the full impact of that advice until God placed me back here at Clear Creek to serve.

Now I have a “speech” of my own. I try to share it with incoming students and remind them again as they graduate. “For every dollar you pay in tuition here at Clear Creek, someone else paid two dollars so you could be here.” If a student gets scholarships or other aid (most do), the numbers are even more drastic, but tuition only covers about one third of our budget. Our job in Development is to find people willing to listen to God and give the other two thirds. Please pray about being one of those people. Invest in ministry by giving to Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.