Future Student FAQ  
Q: Is Clear Creek an accredited college?
A: Yes! Clear Creek is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
Q: Is Clear Creek a seminary?
A: No. Clear Creek is a Bible college. We offer accredited bachelor and associate degrees, as well as certificates in ministry. It is our goal to provide you with an education that will thoroughly equip you for ministry and prepare you for a seminary graduate degree.
Q: Does Clear Creek offer graduate degrees?
A: No. Clear Creek does partner with other schools that do provide such degrees. We choose to focus on the undergraduate degree and practical ministry preparation.
Q: I'm still in high school; can I take classes for credit now?
A: Yes. Our dual-enrollment program allows you to take classes (on campus or online) beginning your junior year in high school. Acceptance in the dual-enrollment program depends on your current grades. If you qualify, you will be permitted up to nine credit hours per semester.
Q: I am a home school student; do I have to get a GED to go to school at Clear Creek?
A: No. We accept home school students without requiring a GED. You simply need to provide some type of transcript of your work through your high school-level studies. Your transcripts and schooling need to be in keeping with the laws of the state where you live.
Q: What can I expect in the classroom?
A: Clear Creek is dedicated to teaching scripture and practical ministry. Our professors use a combination of lecture, audio/visual presentation, class-participation, and hands-on training.
Q: Is there a dress code?
A: We strive to maintain a professional atmosphere, so we require professional dress. Our Student Handbook contains our dress code policy for men and women. Men are expected to wear a respectable choice in pants and shirt. We do require that the shirt have a collar, and be at least a polo-style shirt. The women are expected to dress in the common expectation for church. Dresses are not required, but dress slacks, shoes, and a modest blouse are expected.
Q: What is there to do in the area?
A: On campus we have our Family Life and Conference Center which has a gymnasium for volleyball, basketball, and roller skating. The FLC also has a swimming pool and weight room. At Kelly Hall we have a recreation room for students to hang-out together (men and women until 11:00pm, men only after 11:00pm) and play pool, ping-pong, or watch television.
In Middlesoboro, Ky (approx. 12 miles away) there is a discounted movie theater which shows new releases, bowling, a mall, restaurants, and other venues. Also in both Middlesboro and Pineville there are nature trails for hiking, and the beautiful Cumberland Gap National Park in Cumberland Gap, TN is open to the public.
Q: Will Clear Creek help place me in a church after I graduate?
A: Clear Creek does not actively provide placement services. Instead, we pass along any available opportunities made known to us. You may ask to be placed on a supply preaching list or a mailing list of current positions that are known to be open.
Q: How soon do I need to turn-in my information in order to start school?
A: The sooner you hand-in your information the better-off you are. We always attempt to accommodate any time schedule, but we make no guarantees that a last-minute request will be granted. Of course, we cannot accept you as a student until all qualifications are met. But, if you hand-in your information ahead of time, it makes the acceptance process that much quicker when you do qualify.
Q: How do I schedule a visit to the school?
A: You can either call us at (866) 340-3196 or you can Schedule a visit online.
Q: Does Clear Creek have a Clery Act policy?
A: Yes, Clear Creek does have a Clery Act policy in place. You can read about the Clery Act, and Clear Creek's response to it in our Clery Act Policy Document.