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Fox's Den  

The Fox’s Den is not the most noticeable building on campus, but it is a welcome gathering place for students. The Fox’s Den serves students in a more ways than one. All students, faculty & staff mailboxes are housed here. It is not uncommon for students to open their mailboxes to find financial gifts, cards from home, or even scholarship award letters they did not expect to receive.

The free table is another source of joy in the Fox’s Den. Think of it as sort of a swap-meet. You have items that are no longer of use to you, but they are still usable. So, you place them on the free table. Somewhere along the line, someone who needs it will come along and take it. It is common to go to the free table to place something, only to find yourself returning with items you found useful. Often times, off-campus friends of Clear Creek will donate items such as books, food, and toiletries which they place on the free table.

The Fox’s den is also an area for rest and conversation between classes. It is equipped with tables, chairs, couches and a few vending machines. Whether you need a snack, a place to eat your lunch, or place to read your letter from home, you can do it in the Fox’s den.