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Current Students FAQ  

Q: What is SonisWeb?
A: SonisWeb is our student information system. It allows you to register for classes, review your grades, and complete your Christian Service Guidance reporting. You can logon to SonisWeb by going to For further information, or instructions, contact the academics office.
Q: Can I put my books on my account, or do I have to pay for them right away?
A: Most of the time, that will be dependent on your situation. Here's how you find out for sure:
1. Visit the cashier at the business office and get a copy of your printed statement of account.
2. Take your printed statement of account to financial aid for them to approve the purchase of books on your account.
3. Take the form back to the business office so they can photocopy it for you to take to the book store.
If you follow this procedure, you will find the process of buying books much simpler.
Q: Do I really have to buy Logos?
A: Yes, Logos is a required tool. In some classes, your assignments will be dependent upon your use of Logos. In addition, we feel that Logos is an invaluable tool for those who are in positions of ministry.
Q: Who do I see about getting my student ID
A: Your student ID doubles as your library card, so you will need to see the staff in the Library.
Q: What happens if I don't show-up for class meetings?
A: Class meetings are twice per semester and they occur in place of chapel. When you do not attend your class meetings, you are considered absent for that chapel date.
Q: When will my 1098-T form be mailed to me?
A: We do not mail 1098-T forms. Your 1098-T is available for download, or print from the SonisWeb system. They are available after February 14th.
Q: Can my family members use the computer lab?
A: Yes. If you send an email to requesting a login for your family members, you will receive their login information within 24 hours.
Q: Can't my family just use my login information?
A: No. It is against the computer services policy to allow other people to login with your credentials. When logged-in as you, electronic signatures and other authorizations that are made are considered legally binding. This puts you at risk, as well as holding you accountable for any actions performed with your login account.
Q: Does Clear Creek have a Clery Act policy?
A: Yes, Clear Creek does have a Clery Act policy in place. You can read about the Cleary Act, and Clear Creek's response to it in our Cleary Act Policy Document.