Current Key Needs  

Light Keepers

In the early days of the lighthouse, keepers would maintain the lenses, trim wicks, and refill the fuel supply. Without the keepers, the lighthouse would not have been able to provide a necessary beacon to the passing ships.

Today, Clear Creek thrives because of our Light Keepers. We have always been thankful for designated gifts that pay for specific projects and causes. Our light Keepers provide undesignated gifts that do what designated funds cannot. Undesignated gifts pay faculty and staff, buy supplies, maintain buildings, and keep the lights on.

We are grateful for those who are willing to partner with us by providing such funds. Without them, we could not prepare our students to preach the Word of God and be beacons of light to a world bound for shipwreck.

Capital Campaign

What would you do with a million dollars? We know exactly what we would do. Our one million dollar capital campaign is aimed at accomplishing much needed renovations at Clear Creek. Is the Lord leading you to contribute to our campaign? Take a look at what He has put on our hearts to do and tell us if He is leading you to support the effort.

  • The Total Campaign 
		PDF Document
  • Robert Perry Mahon Sr. was friend and right hand man to Clear Creek’s founding president, Dr. L.C. Kelly. He was considered co-founder of the school and was Dean Emeritus at his death n 1957. Mahon and Kelly shared a favorite saying when it came to following God’s plan: “Have faith and find God’s way.” Their plan of action led to the founding of Clear Creek and to the building of each building on campus today. That same philosophy will surely see to completion the renovation of the building named after Dr. Mahon. Are you part of God’s way to bring that about?

  • Our overall Mahon Project PDF Document
  • Earl Clark Apartment PDF Document
  • Glenda H. Tichenor Apartment PDF Document
  • H. C. Chiles Apartment PDF Document
  • James E. Ditty Apartment PDF Document
  • With over 700 acres, we have a lot of roads that need maintenance and the cost of paving is high. Can you help us?

  • Paving Project PDF Document
  • If you would like to download all of these documents at once, we have provided a ZIP file for your convenience.

  • Capital Campaign PDF Document