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Campus Directory  

Dr. Jay Sulfridge Academic Dean
Mrs. Jenny Simmons Secretary
Mrs. Brenda Hester Distance Education Advisor
Ms. Ni Zi Secretarial Pool
Mr. Jacob Yates Registrar
Mrs. Kim Yates Director of Testing and Developmental Studies
Administrative Affairs
Mr. Jeremy Anderson Administrative Dean
Mrs. Penny Fox Executive Assistant
Rev. Shannon Benefiel Director
Mrs. Mary Benefiel Admissions Secretary
Ms. Caitlyn Benefiel Clerk
Mrs. Lauren Wheeler Clerk
Business Services
Ms. Monique Bailey Director
Ms. Tyler Camp Cashier
Ms. Gabriella Kahkola Cashier
Child Development Center
Mrs. Tammy Bryant Director
Christian Service
Rev. G.P. Simmons Director
Mrs. Shannon Wade Health Clinic Director
College Relations
Mr. Richard Witherite Director
Mr. Martin Raftery Administrative Assistant
Mr. Sammuel Gilbreath Sound Tech
Distance Education
Dr. Jay Barnett Director
Mr. David Dowell Distance Education Secretary
Dr. Jay Barnett Associate Professor of Ministry
Mrs. Marge Cummings Instructor of General Education
Dr. James Ditty, Sr. D.M. Aldridge Distinguished Professor of Missions
Dr. John Ditty Robert O. Fitts Chair of Old Testament
Dr. Donnie Fox President
Dr. Bill Helton Professor of Biblical Studies
Dr. Malcolm Hester Adjunct
Dr. Bob Hughes Professor of Missions and Evangelism
Dr. Roy Lucas H.C. Chiles Professor of New Testament
Dr. Bruce Merrick Professor of Christian Ministries
Rev. Gene Roberts Instructor of Music
Rev. G.P. Simmons Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Mrs. Natalie Sweet Adjunct
Mrs. Kim Yates Instructor of General Education
Family Life Center
Mrs. Sandy Rosenbalm Director
Financial Aid
Mr. Sam Risner Director
Mrs. Cindy Sanders Secretary
Information Technology
Mr. Shane Kahkola Director
Mr. Eric J. Greene Assistant Director
Mr. Williamson Deavours I.T. Support
Institutional Advancement
Rev. David Wade Dean of Institutional Advancement
Ms. Alyssa Pillow Clerk
Mrs. Caitlyn Wright Clerk
Kelly Hall
Mr. Greg Jones Kitchen Director
Mrs. Kay Jones Kelly Hall Director
Mrs. Marge Cummings Director
Ms. Bronwynn Hughes Catalog Librarian
Mrs. Lynn Kahkola Assistant Director
Mrs. Brenda Helton Clerk
Physical Plant
Mr. Ronnie Washam Director
Mrs. Charlotte Simpson Secretary
Rev. Allen Sanders ME
Mr. Gary Hinkle HVAC / ME
President’s Office
Dr. Donnie Fox President
Mrs. Vicky Barnett Secretary
Student Affairs
Rev. Charlie Goodman Dean of Student Affairs
Mrs. Sheila Smith Secretary
Ms. Kayla Myers Operator
Mrs. Mary Pillow Operator