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Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

The B.A. in Pastoral Ministry program of 130 hours prepares the graduate to lead a local church as a pastor or associate pastor. The graduate will be competent to prepare and proclaim effective Bible messages, provide competent counsel or assistance to those to whom he ministers in coping with the typical problems of life, and give competent leadership to the ministries and programs of the local church. For many graduates this degree is their final formal ministry preparation. For those called to continue their education, the B.A. in Arts in Pastoral Ministry is an excellent foundation for graduate studies.

In addition to the 100 hour core of studies, the Pastoral Ministry Program consists of 22 hours of required courses which includes 8 hours of electives designed to allow the student to structure his studies according to personal needs or interests.

Bible / Theology:  50 Hours General Studies:  36 Hours
Baptist Doctrine 3 Computers in Research 3
Ethics 3 American History I & II 6
New Testament 1 - 8 16 Church History 3
Old Testament 1 - 8 16 English Composition I & II 6
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 Fine Arts / Humanities 3
Systematic Theology 1-3 9 POWER To Succeed 1
  General Science 3
Ministry Studies: 14 Hours General Science Lab 1
Church Administration & Leadership 3 General Psychology 3
Public Speaking in Ministry 3 Psychology of Lifespan Development 3
Transition to Ministry 3 Senior Seminar 1
Worship & Music Ministry 3 Philosophy 3
Spiritual Formation 2
Required Courses for Pastoral Ministry: 22 Hours
Evangelism 3  
Introduction to Missions 2  
Internship I & II 1  
Introduction to Ministerial Counseling 3  
Educational Administration & Leadership 2  
Sermon Preparation 3  
Sermon Delivery 2  
Basic Christian Apologetics 2  
Biblical Geography 2  
Clinical Pastoral Education 2  
Pastoral Ministry Electives:  8 hours
May be taken from CPFS, EPAS, ECHU, EMEV, MUS courses
Total: 130 Hours
All graduates of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College are required to complete the following activities which have no academic credit.
Christian Service Assignment I & II
Christian Service Guidance (Every semester)
Chapel (Every semester)
How to Study
Pastoral Ministry (EPAS) Electives
Addiction Counseling How We Got the Bible
Applied Hermeneutics Isaiah
Biblical Archeology Jeremiah and Lamentations
Biblical Backgrounds Job
Biblical Counseling Marriage Enrichment
Biblical Counseling for Forgiveness Parables
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek I Pastoral Preaching
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek II Pauline Theology
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek III Planned Program of Preaching
Biblical Language Intensive, Greek IV Preaching from the Old Testament
Biblical Language Intensive, Hebrew I Preaching Through a Bible Book
Biblical Language Intensive, Hebrew II Biblical Language Teaching Practicum
Deuteronomy Premarital Guidance
Doctrinal Preaching Preventive Pastoral Counseling
Doctrine of Atonement Psalms
Eschatology Romans
Ethical Preaching Seeing Christ in the Old Testament
Evangelistic Preaching Sermon on the Mount
Ezekiel Study Tour of Israel
Feasts of Israel Using Greek in Logos
Gospel of John
Apologetics in a Scientific Age