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Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries and Leadership with an emphasis on Christian Service

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Church Ministries and Leadership with Christian Service Emphasis, as a part of the R.P. Mahon School for Church Ministries and Leadership, will prepare the student to serve as a non-vocational leader in a local church by nurturing God-called students through Bible study, through ministry and general education skills acquisition, through personal spiritual growth experiences and through practical Christian service ministry. The student will acquire skills, knowledge and understanding in the Bible and Christian theology; in meeting the needs of people and having the ability to minister to others from a biblical perspective; in the development of competency in oral and written communication skills; and in the development of church leadership skills. The graduate of this program should be able to lead and equip church members to purposefully plan, coordinate, administer, and implement the programs and ministries unique to the church, its agencies and community leadership roles.

The B.A. degree in Church Ministries and Leadership with Christian Service Emphasis recognizes that the student is not seeking a degree for vocational employment with a church and therefore allows the transfer of up to forty-seven hours of accredited hours from another college or university.

Graduates of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College with an emphasis Christian Service should be able to:

  • exhibit basic biblical knowledge from both the Old and New Testaments
  • demonstrate knowledge of key theological and doctrinal issues
  • demonstrate knowledge of specialized ministries to meet the needs of persons
  • communicate effectively in the context of ministry
  • understand effective church administration, leadership, and relationships.

Bible / Theology:  35 Hours General Studies:  36 Hours
Baptist Doctrine 3 Computers in Research 3
New Testament 1 - 8 16 American History I & II 6
Old Testament 1 - 8 16 Church History 3
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 English Composition I & II 6
Systematic Theology 1, 2, or 3 3 Fine Arts / Humanities 3
Basic Christian Apologetics 2 POWER To Succeed 1
  General Science 3
  General Science Lab 1
  General Psychology 3
Ministry Studies: 11 Hours Psychology of Lifespan Development 3
Church Administration & Leadership 3 Philosophy 3
Public Speaking in Ministry 3 Senior Seminar 1
Worship & Music Ministry 3    
Spiritual Formation 2    
Required Courses for Church Ministries and Leadership (Christian Service): 7 Hours
Evangelism 3  
Internship I & II 1  
Principles of Leadership 3  
Free Electives:  41 hours
These courses could be transferred in from another school and/or taken here at Clear Creek
Total: 130 Hours
All graduates of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College are required to complete the following activities which have no academic credit.
Christian Service ASsignment I & II
Christian Service Guidance (Every semester)
Chapel (Every semester)
How to Study