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Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries and Leadership with an emphasis on Bi-Vocational Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries and Leadership with Bivocational Emphasis, as a part of the R.P. Mahon School for Church Ministries and Leadership, offers a program of 130 hours for those who desire to serve vocationally in a local church or church-associated ministry while at the same time working outside their religious vocation. The overall purpose of this emphasis is to equip the graduate for work in a variety of church-related activities. The graduate with this emphasis should be equipped to work in another vocational field that will enable him to support himself while serving in a bi-vocational ministry. Up to 25 hours of Bi-vocational electives may be transferred from an accredited institution.

Graduates of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College with an emphasis Christian Service should be able to:

  • Demonstrate proper hermeneutical procdures used in the preparation of sermons and/or Bible Studies
  • Exhibit basic biblical knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key theological and doctrinal issues
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare and effectively present sermons and / or lessons
  • Give evidence of ability to partially or totally support him/herself working outside the ministry field.

Bible / Theology:  44 Hours General Studies:  36 Hours
Baptist Doctrine 3 Computers in Research 3
New Testament 1 - 8 16 American History I & II 6
Old Testament 1 - 8 16 Church History 3
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 English Composition I & II 6
Systematic Theology 1 and 2 or 3 6 Fine Arts / Humanities 3
  POWER To Succeed 1
Ministry Studies: 11 Hours General Science 3
Church Administration & Leadership 3 General Science Lab 1
Public Speaking in Ministry 3 General Psychology 3
Transition to Ministry 3 Psychology of Lifespan Development 3
Worship & Music Ministry 3 Senior Seminar 1
Spiritual Formation 2 Philosophy 3
Required Courses for Church Ministries and Leadership (Bivocational): 11 Hours
Evangelism 3  
Internship I & II 1  
Bivocational Practicum 2  
Principles of Teaching / Sermon Preparation 3  
Bible Teaching Lab / Sermon Delivery 2  
Bivocational Electives:  25 hours
Up to 25 hours of Bivocational electives may be transferred from an accredited institution. They must be in one vocational or academic area of study.
Total: 130 Hours
All graduates of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College are required to complete the following activities which have no academic credit.
Christian Service Assignment I & II
Christian Service Guidance (Every semester)
Chapel (Every semester)
How to Study