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Associate of Arts in Ministry

The Associate of Arts in Ministry degree equips students with the most basic general ministry skills while increasing their Bible knowledge and preparing them for additional study in a specialized ministry area. This degree is most beneficial to a lay person desiring greater usefulness in his or her local church or to vocationally called men or women who are still discerning their ministry direction. No more than 30 hours may be transferred from other colleges for an associate degree.

Bible / Theology: 22 hours Ministry Studies: 22 hours General Studies: 20 hours
Old Testament 1-4 8 Public Speaking in Ministry 3 Computers in Research 3
New Testament 1-4 8 Introduction to Missions 2 English Composition I 3
Baptist Doctrine 3 Evangelism 3 English Composition II 3
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 Worship & Music Ministry 3 Fine Arts/Humanities 3
    Church Administration & Leadership 3 Psychology of Lifespan Development 3
    Sermon Preparation (or) Principles of Teaching 3 General Science 3
    Sermon Delivery (or) Bible Teaching Lab 2 General Science Lab 1
    Spiritual Formation 2 POWER To Succeed 1
    Internship I and II 0.5 each    

All graduates of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College are required to complete the following activities which have no academic credit.

Christian Service Assignment I & II Chapel (every semester)
Christian Service Guidance (every semester) How to Study