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Q: Am I allowed to take more than 18 credit hours?
A: Yes, but you have to have special permission from the academic dean and your academic advisor.
Q: What happens if I fail a course?
A: If you fail a course, you will have an opportunity to re-take the course and the higher of the two scores will prevail.
Q: When is it too late to drop a class?
A: You can drop a class at any time. If you drop a class before the mid-term point of the class, you will receive a WP (withdraw passing). If you drop after the mid-term point, but before nine weeks, you will receive a WF (withdraw failing). Dropping a class after the nine week mark will result in a failing grade. A WP or WF does not affect your GPA.
Q: How late can I add a class?
A: Please see the Academic Calendar.
Q: I've recently been accepted, but I can't seem to register on Sonis Web. Why not?
A: When you register for classes for the first time, we require that you sit down with your advisor when selecting your courses. Your advisor will register you for classes on your behalf. After the first semester, you will be able to register through Sonis Web.
Q: If I miss a class, can I make it up by logging on to the online class?
A: At this time we do not have a means by which you can makeup classes using our online campus. Please review the absence policy in the Academic Catalog, or the Student Handbook.
Q: Can I take classes online and on campus at the same time?
A: Yes. Many of our students are enrolled in both online and campus classes. However, in order to live on campus, the majority of your full-time enrollment must be in campus classes. Special exceptions are sometimes granted, but must be approved by the academic dean and the housing director.
Q: Is chapel required?
A: Yes. Chapel is required for all students. We record our chapels and make them avaialable on iTunesU. If you are scheduled for on campus classes on Tuesday or Thursday, you are expected to attend chapel in person. However, if your classes do not begin until later in the afternoon, or you are an online student, you may watch, or listen, to the latest available chapel on iTunesU and fill out a chapel report.
Q: If I am struggling with my studies, does Clear Creek provide tutoring services?
A: Yes. Clear Creek offers tutoring through our Christian Service office. You can speak with professor Richard Bartels if you need assistance.
Q: Does Clear Creek bestow honors on students of distinction?
A: Clear Creek does not bestow Latin honors, however, students graduating with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are recognized as graduating "with honors". In addition, if you complete any semester with a 3.5 or above for that semester, you will be recognized on the Dean's List.
Q: Can I transfer credit from previous studies?
A: Yes, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College accepts transfer credit from other accredited colleges. A full description of the conditions and restrictions may be found in the college catalog under “Academic Policies.” The college Registrar determines transfer credit.